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Hi ... I am Randy Kimmick and I am running for US Congress in the 3rd district in Nevada. I am the Libertarian candidate. My main goal here is to try and inform you.  I look at what is happening in our society from an historical point of view.  History repeats because even as technology advances, the passions of people change very little. I am running at this time because we as a country are at a crossroads.  Change is coming, awaiting only the next economic downturn due late 2015.  What lies ahead is a soverign debt crisis, higher taxes, unending war, and another banker bailout, most likely funded by your savings and retirement funds.  They will find something nice to call it.   You always hear we are a democracy,  but that is a lie.  We are a republic, where we elect leaders who vote on the issues at hand.  This allows our leaders to ignore what the majority want and vote for  things like TARP, the Iraq war and the unaffordable care act.  None of these things would have passed, if we had a democracy.  Career politicans and this concentration of power is at odds with the liberty that the more enlightened founding fathers wanted.  At this point there is only one party with two squabbling factions ... neither who have the interest of the common citizen on their agenda.  They promise you many goodies, but government creates nothing and what they give to one person, they take from another under the threat of force.  Then pay themselves a nice finders fee.  I am the only real choice you have, I hope you have the courage to make it.   thanks  Randy